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SOAP is essential.

We are still


and responsibly offering many ways to replenish your needs.

  1. REFILL IN STORE - just as usual but wearing a mask this time.

  2. FRIDAY DELIVERY - let us know what you need and we'll bring it to you! 

  3. DROP IT OFF- and pick it up later. We will fill it for ya.

  4. CURBSIDE SERVICE- pull up and call. We'll do the rest!


It's just like the milk man...but with your soap!

Our mission with this delivery service is to safely provide our community with the necessary supplies they need to maintain a clean, and quality life without leaving home.


To maintain the integrity of our refill model, and to support the reuse of containers we are introducing a closed loop “SOAP Delivery Vessel”. We added a deposit that will cover the cost of the containers and the continuous sanitizing cycle. Just leave the empties on the porch. We'll pick em up and refund your deposit when we bring you fresh SOAP. Just like the “Milk Man”!



  • FRIDAY is delivery day.

  • Delivery is within Springfield City Limits   -   Not technically in SGF? Just call us.

  • All deliveries will be pre-filled in our sanitized “SOAP Delivery Vessels”. 

  • You just tell us how much you need of each product and we will charge you over the phone. 

  • You must have your orders placed and paid for before 11 am to get in on Friday’s delivery. 

  • Orders can be placed by calling the shop during open hours or by filling out this form. We will call you for payment and delivery details.

  • We will text you a photo of your items at the door when we drop them off so you know when the coast is clear to come out and grab your goods. Please be sure to leave out any empty “SOAP Delivery Vessels” for the delivery person to grab. They will bring them back to the shop for sanitizing and recirculation. We will issue your deposit refunds the same day we pick them up.



In addition to the initial $1 bottle deposit (refundable), we will be charging a $5 delivery fee that will be going 100% DIRECTLY to the delivery drivers ( no tipping ). Other than that, the prices will be the same as they would be if you came into the store.

THANK YOU so much for staying flexible and supporting us through this. We are still here because you asked us to be. SOAP is essential, and so are all of you to SOAP.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or special requests. We are very willing to problem solve to get folks what they need. Just ask.

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